SPA Endorses Danny Melchionne in State Representative Special Election

Posted by 01/22/2022
Luis Serna

Stamford Police Association Endorses Danny Melchionne in State Representative Special Election
The Stamford Police Association (SPA), announces its endorsement of Danny Melchionne (Republican), in the January special election for the state representative, to represent the 144th district of Stamford. The special election will take place on Tuesday, January 25th.
Mr. Melchionne is a born and raised Stamford resident who has long been interested in finding ways to give back to Stamford. As a frontline health care worker, Mr. Melchionne has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly throughout the last two years of the pandemic. With his knowledge as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, coupled with his experience as a small business owner, Mr. Melchionne feels uniquely qualified to understand and represent the varying issues the pandemic has brought upon Stamford’s residents.
The candidate has pledged his support for a pro-public health, pro-education, and pro-public safety agenda and to advocate for better means to fight the pandemic locally, to decrease spikes in regional crime, and to repair the damage done to small businesses over the course of the past two years. Mr. Melchionne has expressed his concern over the ongoing spike in crime, particularly among adolescents, and believes the recent police accountability act is something that needs to be re-visited.
SPA President Dave O’Meara said, “Anytime there is an opportunity to support a home-grown candidate who appreciates the importance of public safety and supports the men and women who put on the uniform everyday it is vital to seize the moment.
Today, the Stamford Police Association is happy to endorse Danny Melchionne. He believes strongly that Stamford’s status as one of America’s safest large cities, is good for our community, good for its residents, and very important to attract business. Look around and the evolution of Stamford is bright, attracting new families, young and old, to be a part of our diverse city community.”
Mr. Melchionne said “current policies incentivize crime, especially adolescent crime, because punishments are so low – almost non-existent.”
The candidate says he would also seek to significantly modify the 2020 Connecticut Police Reform Act (H.B. 6004), which burdens law enforcement, with increased, counter-productive personal legal liability. The law was passed through Hartford with no input from law enforcement and scant input from constituents in Lower Fairfield County.
As a pro-public safety candidate, who is committed to upholding the law, and addressing the lack of interest in holding those who perpetrate crimes accountable, the Association is proud to endorse Republican Danny Melchionne for the State Representative special election.