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Anyone available to trade shifts on Sat Dec 1st. Squad A is working 3 to 11.

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Interview: Challenges Facing Police Union Presidents

Jeremy Conking of the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association and Keith Olson of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association speak with Will Aitchison about challenges facing police unions today and how they are dealing with them.The post Interview: Challenges Facing Police Union Presidents

Lack Of Response From Dispatch Basis For PTSD Claim

Kimberly Nelson, a Chicago police officer, responded to a dispatch report that there was a “possible kidnapping of a FedEx driver” on 80th Street. Nelson inquired where exactly on 80th Street the incident had occurred. Eventually, the dispatcher replied, “Units in 6, we have a robbery, an armed robb

Lost Marijuana Results In Loss Of Chief’s Job

David Viola was the chief of the police department in Colebrookdale Township, Pennsylvania. In May 2016, the Department was involved with the seizure and handling of 57 marijuana plants. Viola was the senior officer at the scene, helped the investigating officer who had never handled a felony drug m